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Michigan Scale Repair and Service

Certified techs and 24/7 maintenance programs to ensure your commercial and industrial scales perform optimally no matter what environmental conditions you’re working in.

Fast, Reliable, Onsite Scale Calibration, Service and Repair in Michigan

Commercial & Industrial Scale Service in Michigan - 1_5kg-1g_StainlessSteel_ClassF_weight_set_w_Cert

Why Choose NuWeigh to Maintain Your Scale’s Performance?

High-performance scales are cornerstone to the profitability of your business and who you choose to keep it up and running is as important as the quality of the scale itself. Not only do we sell Michigan’s top commercial and industrial scales, including Rice Lake and Emery Winslow, we also ensure they maintain accuracy and dependability for years to come. 

What makes us the best choice for scale service and repair?

  • NuWeigh is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and State of Michigan registered Service Company. 
  • NuWeigh uses only the latest calibration equipment including a heavy capacity certified mobile cart for vehicle scales and class 1 test weights for laboratories. 
  • NuWeigh technicians are State Registered and trained to perform commercial inspection and certified calibration. 

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Preventive Maintenance Program for Weighing Systems in Michigan

In every type of weighing operation, no matter what you are weighing, an increase in accuracy can result in an increase in your profits. A personally tailored program of periodic tests, inspections, and calibration will help ensure that your scale operates at peak condition. The frequency of the inspections depends on the volume of material going across the scale, frequency of use, environment, and value of the product being weighed. 

  • By maintaining proper adjustment of the scale, downtime is reduced, the life of the scale is extended, and you get maximum scale performance. 
  • Advance notice of most major maintenance expenses enables you to budget for the costs and schedule the work at a time convenient to you. 
  • As a regular maintenance program customer you qualify for our preferred labor rate for repair service. 
  • We offer quick response to your needs 24 hours a day.

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Commercial & Industrial Scale Service in Michigan - 1_US_RL_TE_BalanceFamily_CMYK

Commercial & Industrial Scale Service in Michigan - 1_Kiosk_Truck_Application_CMYK(1)

Industrial Scale Calibration, Service, and Repair in Michigan

Industrial scales, especially those outside in Michigan's harsh weather and environmental conditions, require proper equipment and an experienced tech to diagnose issues and ensure proper calibration. NuWeigh’s fast, reliable, commercial and industrial scale repairs are performed by Michigan State Registered technicians, specifically trained and certified in commercial and industrial scale inspection and calibration. Although we are the official Michigan distributor of Rice Lake and Emery Scales, we service and repair all makes and models for all industries. 

Our detailed service and test reports provide you with: 

  • An exact record of work performed 
  • A timely status report on the condition of your scale
  • Information on future maintenance requirements
  • Support documentation for your quality assurance programs
  • Calibration services backed by electronic certificates

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We Service and Repair All Makes and Models

  • Agriculture Scales
  • Athletic Scales
  • Aviation Scales
  • Baby Scales
  • Balances
  • Belt Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Bulk Construction Scales
  • Calibration Weights
  • Cannabis Scales
  • Cargo Scales
  • Chemical Scales
  • Counting Scales
  • Crane Scales
  • Commercial Fishing Scales
  • Dimensioning Equipment
  • Energy Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Forklift Scales
  • Food Processing Scales
  • Forestry Scales
  • Grocery & Food Service Scales
  • Healthcare Scales
  • Hopper Scales
  • In-Motion Weighing Systems
  • Livestock Scales
  • Logistics & Transportation Scales
  • Manufacturing Scales
  • Pharmaceutical Scales
  • Physician Scales
  • Rail Scales
  • Scrap & Recycling Scales
  • Truck & High Capacity Scales
  • Shipping Scales
  • Waste & Refuse Scales
  • Wheel Weighers
  • Wheelchair Scales

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